Shopper's HUB

Ideal for online shoppers who receives eventually packages and US Mail
What is Shopper´s HUB?

Is your address in the US to receive all your packages and mail.

The service doesn’t have a monthly fee and you’ll be able to control all your packages from the web, allowing you to: open the package and take pictures of the product before shipping, return the package, consolidate many packages in one box, compare shipping rates with the different rates connected to boxesHUB and ship your packages to your home.

If we receive regular mail or magazines we’ll store it in a dedicated box for you. In case you need to forward or scan individual mail you should consider our Smart Mailbox.

This service is used mostly by online shoppers from around the world trying to buy in the US.

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Some favorite retailers:

No setup or monthly fee!

You just pay for shipping or managing your packages



No incoming package fees Yes
One free picture of each package received Yes
Package consolidation $1 per package
Individual package forward Yes – Discounted shipping rates
Open package and take up to 6 pictures $2 per package
Return package handling $2 per package
Invoice remove $1.5 per package
Free storage for each package 60 days
Mail and magazines
US mailing address Yes
Mail storage Small box
Maximun boxes 1
Auto consolidation in a box Yes
Complete box forward Yes
Free box storage 90 days

Get your own USA address and take the control your mail and packages online