How it works

Looking for your personal or business US address?

For sending all your packages, statements, bills, magazines, regular mail, products for selling and much more.


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Using the service

Send all your mail and packages to you new address in the US

To: [Your name and lastname], Address 1: 16263 NW 19th St, Address 2: Suite [Your account ID], City: Pembroke Pines, State: FL, Zipcode: 33028

Please check the prohibited product list here

What happend when we receive your mail and packages?

We'll receive, take a picture, dimensions, weight and classify in 3 groups:

Your dedicated Mailbox: Letters, small envelopes and magazines with be stored in a box.


Shared area for packages: This space is for packages consolidation.


Dedicated storage: This is an area with extra security for clients with inventory.

Once your mail and packages are registered, we'll send you an email or text message

Managing your mail and packages

Go online and decide what to do with your packages and mail

You will be able to request: Open and scan mail, open packages and take picture, return packages, remove invoices from packages, shred mail, discard junk mail, consolidate packages in a box, ship package to your home, create inventory and more.

Features are available depending of your plan. Check plans and pricing here

Shipping your mail and packages

Select your prefered carrier and save with our pre-negotiated discounts

Once you consolidate your mail and packages, we’ll show you the list of carriers available to deliver your boxes, including pricing and timing.

If you have an inventory, we'll handle the fulfillment of each order from your customers

boxesHUB is connected to Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL and many other carriers dedicated to specific countries.

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Get your own USA address and take the control your mail and packages online