Mini Warehouse

Perfect for small online sellers.
Send your products to our warehouse and we’ll take care of the fulfillment
What is Mini warehouse?
Is a solution from online sellers looking for an small warehouse in the US, inventory management and fulfillment service. Everything controlled online.

This solution is perfect for selling electronic devices, shoes, clothes and many other products. 


Who use it?
  • Small manufactures from around the world selling the US.
  • Online sellers without warehouse and shipping infrastructure.
  • Small retailers looking to outsource the commerce fulfillment.
How it works?
  • Depending on the type of product you want to sell you will determine the dedicated storage needed.
  • We’ll select furniture required to store your product.
  • When we receive your mechanize in our warehouse we will update your online inventory.
  • Once we received and approved order from your e-commerce we’ll send the package to your customer using the shipping method selected.
View how it works

Setup fee: $80, monthly fee: from $39.40 or annually pre-paid: $399

Inventory management Yes
Additional dedicated storage $20 for 35 ft3
Order fulfillment $2.75 per package
No incoming package fees Yes
One free picture of each package received Yes
Package consolidation $1 per package
Individual package forward Yes – Discounted shipping rates
Open package and take up to 6 pictures $2 per package
Return package handling $2 per package
Invoice remove $1.5 per package
Free storage for each package 90 days
Dedicated storage space 35 ft3
Mail and magazines
US mailing address Yes
Mail storage Auto scale box
Maximun boxes 6
Auto consolidation in a box Yes
Front mail scaning Yes
Mail content scanning $2 up to 10 pages
Individual mail forward Yes – Discounted shipping rates
Complete box forward Yes – Discounted shipping rates
Free box storage Unlimited
Junk mail discard online Yes
Individual mail discard Yes
Individual mail shred Yes

Get your own USA address and take the control your mail and packages online