Online control panel:

Take the command of all your mail and packages online.

Smart mailbox:

Consolidate all your mail in a auto-size box. View the current weight in real time.


Get instant shipping quotes from DHL, UPS, FEDEX, USPS and more.

Manage mail:

View the front pictured of the envelope, scan pages, discard, forward, consolidate in a box.

Manage packages:

Open and take pictures, return, consolidate, create inventory and remove invoice.

Manage your inventory:

Manage your products inventory for selling online and future fulfillment.

Address book:

Save all your frequent shipping destinations for future actions.

Share boxes with friends:

You can share a box for package consolidation with other friends.

Monitor the history of your account:

View detailed actions taken with all your mail and packages.

Get your own USA address and take the control your mail and packages online